Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night , new single from 20/20 Experience Pt 2

Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night is the new single from Justin’s upcoming 20/20 Experience pt 2 (sept 20th)

The song which is produced by and features (for like 3 seconds)Timbaland definitely has a heavy Michael Jackson feel. The album cover  justin-timberlake-2020-experience-20-of-2-400x400












Justin Timberlake definitely knows how to get the internet going, no doubt trying to keep the momentum  from his appearance on the hype train that is Magna Carta Holy Grail he dropped a teaser trailer a few days prior to hype up the song and album

Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail which features the single “Holy Grail” with Justin is estimated to do 475-525k first week, which would make it #2 only to Justin Timberlake’s 900+ from the first 20/20 experience. Seems like justin is on pace to potentially have the #1 and #2 albums in a given year, has that ever been done? (check back ill look into it).


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Macklemore Freestyle + Peter Rosenberg Interview Highlights

Here Macklemore spits a freestyle, he talks about alot of relevant things including Method Man’s complaints and being white in hip hop

Below is an Interview he then did with Rose the god
Also check out more clips of Mack with Angie Martinez at Hot97’s youtube page

Highlights from Rosenberg interview:
Rosenberg the first time they met Rosenberg fronted on him, to go talk to DON TRIP

Macklemore thought his album The Heist had no singles, NEVER thought “Thrift Shop” would be anything

He has been very entrenched in the Seattle rap scene since 15 yrs old, writing graffiti, trying to breakdance etc

Jake-One and Topsin are the homies, got to meet Sir Mix A lot, number 1 mix a lot song is “my posse’s on broadway”

Rosenberg cries constantly while watching the video “Same Love”’ which btw has 56 million views, thats over half a billion total views for this guy, CRAZYYYYY

Was very cognizant that the subject matter on “Same Love” was significant in the hip hop world, realizes its another thing for a black rapper to talk about it, feels A$AP Rocky has done a good job being open minded in the public.

Met Tyler the Creator in Europe, thought it was funny he kind made fun of him right after on social media

Realizes he’s the “friendly to white adults” rapper currently, POPPPIN at the Bar Mitvahs. For the most part thinks white rappers are corny, immediate suspicion

He does not have a small penis

When asked how long hes been clean he says he got sober in 2008, and hasn’t drank or smoked weed since then but seems to be somewhat hinting that he hasn’t been perfect and maybe even this year might of slipped

All time favorites are the obvious, really inspired by Kanye and Talib Kweli at some points,right now Kendrick (TDE) is THAT DUDE

Thinks its impressive that Kendrick is going to beat him to Platinum album wise even though he doesn’t have gold singles.

Agree with Rosenberg that “Good Kid MAAD City may be better than ANY album Jay-Z ever made”

In general Macklemore seems very aware of what it means to be a white guy in a black dominated and founded genre. It’s tuff not to like this guy

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Hit-Boy talks producing Jay-Z Somewhere in America off MCHG

Hit-Boy sits down with RevoltTv to speak about his contribution to Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail “Somewhere in America”

Ill update with highlights so you dont have to watch as the day goes on

Here’s his flipped version of the song with Rockie Fresh

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Jay-Z shoots “Picasso Baby” Performance Art Piece & Music Video at Pace Gallery for 6 hrs


Fader explain what its all about
XXL and Complex have articles with some Vines about Jay-Z shooting a “performance art piece” at Pace Gallery in NYC with “onlookers” participaiting. Wouldn’t be surprised if this shows up in a video or commercial somewhere.
Apparently Wale, Judd Apatow, George Condo (of Kanye album art) as well as other well know art figures were all there to participate in what is a take on Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present that was exhibited at the Moma in 2010, she was also in full effect at the video shoot. Hov is really going har to show hes about that life (art life).

XXL also has a nice interview with Adrian Younge who’s song “Sirens” was the base sample for “Picasso Baby”.

Info and MTV’s Rob Markman with way more inside info and pics from the event

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Jay-Z on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club Interview HIGHLIGHTS


Dont feel like watching the 22 minute inteview, heres what you wont miss, I left out things hes already said on Twitter or Hot 97

Things immediately started out akward with DJ Envy saying “whatever you do, just dont get Charlamagne fired, we heard you got him fire once”, Hov squirmed and kept it moving

Twitters like weed, Jay likes it but too much not good

He’s a Cowboys fan bc of his pops

Has it 1)Reasonable Doubt 2)Blueprint 3)The Blaclk album, but he goes back and forth on 2&3

Speaks on Puff not rapping till BIG told him to, sold 7 mil albums, Charlamagne says “So your saying Puff Fucked up the game for lyricists” after a long (but joking pause) Hov says “Nahh”

Jay Electronica is next? Hov says I hope so and that lets hope his album doesn’t end up like Detox

Of anyone he signed he feels most proud of Kanye, came a long way as an artist

Feels for Memphis Bleek and the pressure he gets being Hov’s little brother, “incredible soul”

Respects Kanye being anti corporate even though Jay is

Says he read two reviews, NYT and Allhiphop, but now adays the immediateness of music makes reviews less relevant

Acknowledged his Ab-Soul shout out on twitter

Mentions theres some NY rappers on the come-up hes feeling but not enough to mention them

Explains once and for all the signing Lil Wayne situation from around the time leading up to the Carter 3. Basically he had spoke to Wayne about it and it was something both parties wanted, out of respect he called Birdman to let him know. He said a week later he was being served legal papers about it, so that was that.

As far as the line Wayne spit about “kidnap your lady”, Jay understand that he thought the line from H.A.M was about him even though he claims it wasn’t. Doesn’t seem too concerned with the whole thing.

Back in the day he told Beanie Siegel and State Property they had like 4 months to heat up the streets because 50 Cent was coming, they didn’t heed his advice enough.

Responded to the criticism he took State Property member Young Chris’s style? Said he was around before and after, thats ridiculous.

More highlights coming soon



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J.Cole Born sinner #1 on this week’s charts





Jay-Z alluded to it earlier, J.Cole gets his number 1 after all.  3 week ago Cole dropped Born Sinner which had a stellar opening of 297k but trailed Kanye West for first.  The next week he surpsassed West in sales but his friend and Roc Nation (management) cohort Wale was number # 1.  Finally Jermaine has arrived at numero uno, and really unless Jay-Z ‘s Magna Carta Holy Grail does MONSTER numbers Born Sinner will continue to be this summers big story.  Kudos to the underdog who you cant help but root for.




Cole World!

Look out next week when the top 1-4 albums in the country could end up being hip-hop release all under the Roc moniker (Rocnation, RN Management, Rocafella).

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Jay-Z on Angie Martinez Hot 97 Interview (7/9) Video’s and Summary of what he said


Highlights of the interview

Jay-Z says he’s “obviously” proud of Cole and Wale, he’d be fine if Cole were to outsell him (#mylaugh)

When asked how he/ if he feel guilty about Dame Dash he said he’s still got love for Dame, thinks hell eventually find his way out but he can’t control what happens in life.

Thinks “Holy Grail” is one of Justin Timberlake’s best vocal performances.

Says he has legitimately had txts with Obama. Obama during Election Day said to him “4th qtr, just give me the ball”. Jay responded with “Word”

Beyonce’s HBO special gave him some anxiety. Because he reveals so much in his music, “anymore ima feel naked out here”

He’s watching the [Zimmerman]Trial heavy, otherwise stuff is bs, back to sports

He wants more kids

Ebro was indeed “you got scannas” guy on “Open Letter”

BBC in studio video with Nas, Timbaland, Beyonce, Swizz, Pharell and Justin Timberlake is amazing has footage of it hell release, wouldn’t be shocked if that serves as the video.

Had to shut down some instagram/vine action from a friend/hangeron in the studio

Lenny S. has ACCESS doe

Hov not regularly , but once in a while reads blogs, no gossip, no reality tv, seen love and hip hop (and everything) at least once

Does Jay ever get involved with Rhianna and some of her “situations “? -“only when asked ”

Gets into a weird thing where he talks about not needing money, but more in the way that he doesn’t care about it, not that hes earned so much he doesn’t need more.

Says Wale J.COlE Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail is all he really listens to now “not alot of room in the changer”

Says he doesn’t do backflips on stage anymore.


Won’t do a best of both worlds thing with Beyonce. “You see how that worked out

Jay unintentionally makes nas sound a bit extra “comfortable” saying he was impressed another man would say “Pharells a Pharoh, peep the features ”

Tells Angie “he’s busy”, TOUR TOUR TOUR, they’re a 2 income family. Maybe euro tour. Baby Blue’s passport game is already proper.

She’s musically inclined already, but sounds like jay in no rush for her to be in the game

Feels vulnerable having a child. Paparazzi are understandable, but take it too far

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