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The Weeknd – Kissland Official Video + Ricky Hill ft The Weeknd – Nomad music video

This just released via The Weeknd Facebook.

Weeknd season has returned!

I can’t tell you how much better this video is because it has up and coming porn actress Bonnie Rotten in it.  Even if your not into this girl’s look, you have to respect her effort, shorty is a PERFORMER.  Also featuring big boobie stalwart London Keyes.


Interesting, just found this Ricky Hill ft The Weeknd – Nomad video

It’s Ricky Hill, formerly Rich Hill aka Tommy Hillfiger’s son.  People who have fallowed The Weeknd from the beginning will remember that Rich, Ricky, whatever his name is  was actually signed by Warner pretty much off the strength of The Weeknd’s Cosign


o and as previously stated here on GSF, apparently beef bw Drake and The Weeknd is overblown, this is from this week


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