Jay-Z interview with Zane Lowe pt 1 , 4 day argument with Kanye West over Oceans and Holy Grail. FULL HIGHLIGHTS

BBC1’s Zane Lowe, IMO the best music interviewer in the game (sorry Nardwuar) sits down for part 1 of his interview with Jay-Z at Abbey Road Studios.  Among many other things they discuss his 4 day argument with Kanye West over tracks that ended up being used for  Magna Carta Holy Grail but predated Watch The Throne.

Highlights below, the time listed is when that portion of the convo began

Jay-Z jokingly ( i think) says Roc the Mic studios is as famous as Abbey Road studios.  Talks about the recording of Blueprint and how Just Blaze and Kanye West would go back and forth. :30

Admits you need great producers to make good music no matter HOW GOOD your lyrics are.  Blueprint was that “magic moment” when it all aligns 2:20

He and Kanye West planned to do solo albums  following Watch The Throne.  Jay played Kanye “Holy Grail” and “Oceans” around the time they were making WTT.  Kanye said noooo those must be on WTT.  4 day argument him trying to explain why he wanted them to be  his own.  As a compromise they brought Frank Ocean and The Dream back in, and that is when “No Church in the Wild and “Made it in America” were reordered.   3:20


He goes on to say that he wasn’t really in album mode but when he did the Barclays shows him and Timbaland linked back up and he played him the beat for “Picasso Baby” and thats what started things back up for Magna Carta Holy Grail.  Feels like the album has a real 90’s feel, says even “Part II” sounds 90’s ish (i don’t agree).  Acknowledges that “Picasso Baby” has a DJ Premiere “A Million and One Questions” feel to it (I think its more “So Ghetto” but who asked me) 5:15

Recorded Open Letter the same day as Versus.  Was literally Swizz and Timbaland battling back and forth on drum machines 8:10

Fallout with Timbaland happened toward the end of recording Blueprint 3.  Some of the records that were his were leaked and Kanye was even like “wheres Tim, lets get him more on this” 9:00

Never really worked on project with Timbaland, really just songs, this is first time 10:45

Recorded most of the album at Jungle Studios (aka the most well lit studio in the world), owned by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz.  While Beyonce and Justin Timberlake were also working on there albums. 11:00

BBC happened because everyone went to the 10th anniversary dinner for Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club line and came back to the studio afterward.  Felt a duty to record a song that night. 12:00

Speaks on patching things up with Nas, explains its really just competition and the entourages and crews get in the way usually 13:00

Speaks on the concept of EGO, and others ego’s lot of fluff (shame on you Zane) 14:15

Talks about how sometimes not engaging in “stupid shit” is perceived as arrgoance 15:50


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