Fruitvale Station Opening Night in the Bay Area (7/12)

Tonight by sheer coincidence(fate) I happen to be visiting my family in the Bay Area. When I realized that Fruitvale Station, the new movie by first time director and Bay Area native Ryan Coogler, which is based on the last 24 hrs of Oscar Grants life was premiering tonight, I realized I HAD TO go see it. If your not familiar with the events that transpired at the Fruitvale station BART stop on January 1st 2009, please do yourself and society a favor by reading up on it. Here is one of many videos taken from a bystander on the platform the night Grant was killed.

I’ve been to many film openings but I must say I’ve never quite felt like this standing in line waiting to see a movie. Maybe it’s because I’m less than 10 miles from where this young man tragically lost his life, or maybe it’s the flyers for police brutality marches and social injustice rally’s that are being passed around as I stand here. Needless to say its an experience.
I’ll have a slight review up soon.



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