Macklemore Freestyle + Peter Rosenberg Interview Highlights

Here Macklemore spits a freestyle, he talks about alot of relevant things including Method Man’s complaints and being white in hip hop

Below is an Interview he then did with Rose the god
Also check out more clips of Mack with Angie Martinez at Hot97’s youtube page

Highlights from Rosenberg interview:
Rosenberg the first time they met Rosenberg fronted on him, to go talk to DON TRIP

Macklemore thought his album The Heist had no singles, NEVER thought “Thrift Shop” would be anything

He has been very entrenched in the Seattle rap scene since 15 yrs old, writing graffiti, trying to breakdance etc

Jake-One and Topsin are the homies, got to meet Sir Mix A lot, number 1 mix a lot song is “my posse’s on broadway”

Rosenberg cries constantly while watching the video “Same Love”’ which btw has 56 million views, thats over half a billion total views for this guy, CRAZYYYYY

Was very cognizant that the subject matter on “Same Love” was significant in the hip hop world, realizes its another thing for a black rapper to talk about it, feels A$AP Rocky has done a good job being open minded in the public.

Met Tyler the Creator in Europe, thought it was funny he kind made fun of him right after on social media

Realizes he’s the “friendly to white adults” rapper currently, POPPPIN at the Bar Mitvahs. For the most part thinks white rappers are corny, immediate suspicion

He does not have a small penis

When asked how long hes been clean he says he got sober in 2008, and hasn’t drank or smoked weed since then but seems to be somewhat hinting that he hasn’t been perfect and maybe even this year might of slipped

All time favorites are the obvious, really inspired by Kanye and Talib Kweli at some points,right now Kendrick (TDE) is THAT DUDE

Thinks its impressive that Kendrick is going to beat him to Platinum album wise even though he doesn’t have gold singles.

Agree with Rosenberg that “Good Kid MAAD City may be better than ANY album Jay-Z ever made”

In general Macklemore seems very aware of what it means to be a white guy in a black dominated and founded genre. It’s tuff not to like this guy


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