Jay-Z on Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club Interview HIGHLIGHTS


Dont feel like watching the 22 minute inteview, heres what you wont miss, I left out things hes already said on Twitter or Hot 97

Things immediately started out akward with DJ Envy saying “whatever you do, just dont get Charlamagne fired, we heard you got him fire once”, Hov squirmed and kept it moving

Twitters like weed, Jay likes it but too much not good

He’s a Cowboys fan bc of his pops

Has it 1)Reasonable Doubt 2)Blueprint 3)The Blaclk album, but he goes back and forth on 2&3

Speaks on Puff not rapping till BIG told him to, sold 7 mil albums, Charlamagne says “So your saying Puff Fucked up the game for lyricists” after a long (but joking pause) Hov says “Nahh”

Jay Electronica is next? Hov says I hope so and that lets hope his album doesn’t end up like Detox

Of anyone he signed he feels most proud of Kanye, came a long way as an artist

Feels for Memphis Bleek and the pressure he gets being Hov’s little brother, “incredible soul”

Respects Kanye being anti corporate even though Jay is

Says he read two reviews, NYT and Allhiphop, but now adays the immediateness of music makes reviews less relevant

Acknowledged his Ab-Soul shout out on twitter

Mentions theres some NY rappers on the come-up hes feeling but not enough to mention them

Explains once and for all the signing Lil Wayne situation from around the time leading up to the Carter 3. Basically he had spoke to Wayne about it and it was something both parties wanted, out of respect he called Birdman to let him know. He said a week later he was being served legal papers about it, so that was that.

As far as the line Wayne spit about “kidnap your lady”, Jay understand that he thought the line from H.A.M was about him even though he claims it wasn’t. Doesn’t seem too concerned with the whole thing.

Back in the day he told Beanie Siegel and State Property they had like 4 months to heat up the streets because 50 Cent was coming, they didn’t heed his advice enough.

Responded to the criticism he took State Property member Young Chris’s style? Said he was around before and after, thats ridiculous.

More highlights coming soon




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