Jay-Z on Angie Martinez Hot 97 Interview (7/9) Video’s and Summary of what he said


Highlights of the interview

Jay-Z says he’s “obviously” proud of Cole and Wale, he’d be fine if Cole were to outsell him (#mylaugh)

When asked how he/ if he feel guilty about Dame Dash he said he’s still got love for Dame, thinks hell eventually find his way out but he can’t control what happens in life.

Thinks “Holy Grail” is one of Justin Timberlake’s best vocal performances.

Says he has legitimately had txts with Obama. Obama during Election Day said to him “4th qtr, just give me the ball”. Jay responded with “Word”

Beyonce’s HBO special gave him some anxiety. Because he reveals so much in his music, “anymore ima feel naked out here”

He’s watching the [Zimmerman]Trial heavy, otherwise stuff is bs, back to sports

He wants more kids

Ebro was indeed “you got scannas” guy on “Open Letter”

BBC in studio video with Nas, Timbaland, Beyonce, Swizz, Pharell and Justin Timberlake is amazing has footage of it hell release, wouldn’t be shocked if that serves as the video.

Had to shut down some instagram/vine action from a friend/hangeron in the studio

Lenny S. has ACCESS doe

Hov not regularly , but once in a while reads blogs, no gossip, no reality tv, seen love and hip hop (and everything) at least once

Does Jay ever get involved with Rhianna and some of her “situations “? -“only when asked ”

Gets into a weird thing where he talks about not needing money, but more in the way that he doesn’t care about it, not that hes earned so much he doesn’t need more.

Says Wale J.COlE Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy Grail is all he really listens to now “not alot of room in the changer”

Says he doesn’t do backflips on stage anymore.


Won’t do a best of both worlds thing with Beyonce. “You see how that worked out

Jay unintentionally makes nas sound a bit extra “comfortable” saying he was impressed another man would say “Pharells a Pharoh, peep the features ”

Tells Angie “he’s busy”, TOUR TOUR TOUR, they’re a 2 income family. Maybe euro tour. Baby Blue’s passport game is already proper.

She’s musically inclined already, but sounds like jay in no rush for her to be in the game

Feels vulnerable having a child. Paparazzi are understandable, but take it too far

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