Jay-Z Twitter Q&A Highlights , 6 music videos coming (“pieces of art”)


Today Jay-Z is holding and unofficail Twitter Q&A (4:55 pm est still going on)

Twitter user  @brianfagiolo tweeted this to Jay-Z  @S_C_ ,

@S_C_ Why do I care that you wear Tom Ford? I wear Hanes pocket t-shirts…should I write a song about it?

— Brian Fagioli (@brianfagioli) July 8, 2013

Jay responded with “YES. *my laugh” and it was on

Here are some other highlights of was a mostly playful chat

When asked if there are visuasl for the project he said “yes 6 pieces of art”

Hints that Reasonable Doubt is his “best work”

“Oceans” (which is currently his favorite song) is two years old, but we kind of already knew that I think


Or not..

Admits MCGH is not as good or classic as Reasonable Doubt, Blue Print and The Black Album “they can fight it out for 4th”

Working with Nas: “we had a great time in the studio ILL RELEASE THE FOOTAGE

Loves that the critics aren’t really feeling the album

When asked what hes listening to he said, James Blake and Gonjasufi but in typical Hov form he wrote “Gonj i cant spell it, so”

This ones pretty funny
RT @Ms_KdK so everyone is going crazy over @S_C_ responding to tweets but I just want to know what happened to AMIL? [spend it, oh the, NVM
— Mr. Carter (@S_C_) July 8, 2013

Says in response to is it his last album? “tried that once, didnt work so well”

He continued the “My Laugh” thing, something I dont think any other entity could do without coming off EXTREMELY arrogant, but not the Almighty Hovito

Jay-Z pal Aziz Ansari has joined in on asking questions lets see if Jay responds

He responded to 1st and 2nd question: “Linqunie and Clams”, and “Yes”, both ending with “but you knew that”


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