New Azealia Banks ft Pharell – ATM JAM (Prod By Pharell)


Today Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg aka the female hip hop BFF premiered Azealia Banks new cut, which prominently features the man who literally can do no wrong (unless your names William) Pharell.
I mean seriously this guy is so above everyone right now, featured on/wrote/produced* on the #1 & #2 songs in the country. Hell be all over the Jay-Z Magna Carta Holy Grail album, scoring and exec producing the soundtrack for the animated movie Despicable Me 2, including his song “Happy“. Somehow its quiet though and he remains still a behind the scenes kind of guy.


 (clean, radio rip)

Anyway , Azealia Banks( no not Robbn Bank$ sister, that would make her the daughter of Shaggy.. huh?) . She’s a bit of an afterthought on the song, which is fine, this isn’t “Can I Live”. It’s just kinda interesting to think about how the stars are aligning for this up and comer. I think In some ways Azealia Banks is alot more “there” than people realize(10$ says she spazez on Ebro for his Hot9 tuff talk as the record starts) .

A month ago at The Governors Ball Festival she had a pretty big and seemingly devoted following, I legit heard random muddy smelly white people talking about wanting to/having seen her performance. When your a black female “hip hop artist” and you have smelly muddy white people talking about you at a concert thats filled with well known bands made up of reformed/more productive smelly muddy white people, you know your doing something right.

Alot of her popularity stems from her being more of an established artist in the UK, which in hip hop terms doesn’t usually mean anything (Dizzie Rascal?). But for other more pop inclined artist it’s actually becoming somewhat of the norm to pop off across the pond and then bring it over here to the US. Azealia being from NYC originally makes it work THAT MUCH BETTER.

So combine her momentum with Phareezus’s current domination, and for context think about “Holla back girl”. It seems the potential for Azealia, this song and her album are BANANAS (did I spell that right ?).

I know its an old story, but its still so crazy to me that  [Iggy:Banks as Armageddon:Deep Impact]      Im tempted to do a large analysis comparing these two numbers wise (soon to change as a result of this song i’d imagine), would people read that ?


* Pharell has writing credits on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” but it’s unclear what his exact role in the production was. You’d imagine in some way he was involved?


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