Asher Roth DJ Drama and Don Cannon return with “The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2”


Asher returns with what I hate to say but is probably his last effort to remain relevant. What better way to restart his career than by returning to the exact thing that first made him pop off 5 years ago. Asher made a huge amount of lyrical progress on his Seared Foie Gras mixtape, and had an unsung classic in his RAWTH EP that he did in conjunction with Producer Nottz, but has been overall pretty quiet since his initial release. It’s not like the guy fell off and forgot how to rap and make songs but compared to many of the caucasian rappers that have rose to prominence since and somewhat as reult of, he has become a bit of an afterthought.

SO here it is, “The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2” hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon. Having Drama and Cannon host the same tape should be seen as somewhat of a monument itself seeing as their relationship has been publicly strained over the past few years as well.

Download Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 (Hosted by DJ Drama and Don Cannon) here DatPiff

It’s interesting he seems to be trying to re-work “Party Girl” a song I thought could have worked in it’s first version featuring Meek Mill,

But it seems obvious how much better a look now having Lil Wayne as the other artist on this track is. My only worry is this song seems a bit TOO meant for radio/clubs that there may be some feedback.

“Females Welcome” is fire and pretty original but what I really think could pick up momentum is his verse on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”. 

This new take on a popular(in this case maybe too popular) song could be vol 2’s equivalent to the first Greenhouse Mixtape‘s song “Cannon”. Months before “I love College” even appeared, the “Cannon” song was the track you were playing for someone immediately after the question ” yo you heard of this white rapper kid, Asher Roth?”
No one has yet to claim “Blurred Lines” for themselves, besides Thicke, so Roth would be smart to ride some of that momentums wave back to the mainstream.

I mention Asher being white in a few instances ,almost as a satire.
It’s funny because I almost edited myself when saying “white rapper kid” because it seems cliche & almost forced. But when thinking back to just 5 years ago, the idea of not mentioning a white rappers skin tone is unthinkable.

We’ve come along way…

It really is commendable how hard Roth tries to be unique with his flows, and really have an eclectic but still very hip hop rooted tape. Will this be enough for the Return of the Roth, that remains to be seen. I hope so..

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