Kanye West to release “Black Skinhead” video and radio single













Not that surprising,  albeit maybe a tiny bit disappointing, Kanye West will be releasing the song “Black Skinhead” to radio and releasing a video to accompany it.  According to Billboard the song and video will most likely arrive around July 4th, the same time as Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail is set to drop digitally to the first million people who have downloaded the Samsung App.

I say the decision is a tiny bit disappointing because it really would have been admirable of Kanye to buck the system that much as to not release any song to radio.  However it would have been not only bad for business but really for the casual fan as well.  As much as in this day and age radio is somewhat willing to budge if you have a song that is just TOO HOT not to play, no matter what there are still  limitations if you dont go through the mainstream channels to get your songs available for spins (BDS dont play around!).  It’ll be interesting to see if the song takes off, I think a bit of the momentum of the album could be lost because of the gap between album and single release (usually the other way around).

Stay Tuned to this post updates to follow

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One response to “Kanye West to release “Black Skinhead” video and radio single

  1. ccrane03

    i guess he wasn’t too happy with the album sales so far. so much for kanye being mr. anti.

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