Yeezus Born Sinner Watching Movies FINAL sounds can numbers



So the numbers are in
Kanye West Yeezus – 328,000
J.Cole Born Sibner – 297,000
Mac Miller Watching Movies With The Sound Off – 101,000

J.Cole’s Born Sinner and Mac’s Watching Movies are about what estimates expected but Yeezus Christ Kanye’s West’s final numbers are far lower than early estimates of 375-400k.
As great as J. Cole must feel you know deep down inside he’s thinking FUCK I coulda just had Jay-Z (or himself for that matter) cop 30k extra and I’d be #1

I say this only in part kidding; In most cases the idea of being #1 for accolade reasons and it somehow helping your bottom line is a farce. But in this case Cole usurping the monster presence that is Kanye West could have a lasting affect on his credibility and thus viability in the marketplace.

The question this coming week of June 24 is where will Wale’s 3rd album The Giftedfit into next weeks mix. Personally I think Yeezus has a solid chance of carrying a really strong 2nd week and staying #1. Consider the albums somewhat surprising almost unanimously strong reviews and the fact that many legit fans had no idea he had an album coming out. One would think that would put it on course to having steady sales for at least a few weeks. What West does regarding radio singles/videos is also a real wildcard in terms of album sales. Of all songs “Black Slaves” seems to be the most popular on iTunes currently. It’ll be interesting to see if any one song charts off digital sales and streaming alone (check back I’ll update).
Could J.Cole possibly have a stronger second week than his Rocnation cohort’s (Rocnation management in Wale’s case) first week. In a similar fashion to Cole’s potential #1 this week, Wale’s coming in 2nd or 3rd in this weeks sales battle could be a huge credibility hit.

Stay tuned much more updates and analysis to come.

Source Hits Daily Double

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