Kanye Yeezus FINAL Tracklist

So the release and days/weeks leading up of the Kanye album Yeezus were some of the most exciting but also most confusing and convoluted

In the weeks and months leading up to the release there were many rumors of possible production collaborators and features, most notably Daft Punk, and most out of left field The Heatmakerz.

The album was played first on Monday 6/12 at the album listening at Milk Studios that yours truly happened to stumble on.

Around friday a picture of the final album hit the web, including a sticker that was attached to the back of the album which listed production and writing credits. The sticker did make mention that further production credits would be listed at Kanyewest.com, however at the time they were not there yet.

Around Monday I beleive an “album booklet” hit the web. Although it ended up not being real as it was designed by a member of the extremely knowledgeable Kanye To The forum it was very on point, although unfortunately it seems the Heatmakerz credit (among other things) was not correct. Apologizes that it ended up on this site as a final track list.

Now the final (AND VERY DETAILED) production credits are available at Kanyewest.com (also posted at top of this entry).

Here is a  clip of the very interesting interview  long time Kanye associate and producer/musician Mike Dean did with the Huffington Post.  I recommend watching the whole thing here

For one Dean is an interesting guy, claims he smokes Snoop under the table, is very short worded and is somewhat the exact opposite of who you would think is Kanye West’s main collaborator, at least based on his public image. Some other highlights
-He produced on all 6 other Kanye albums (WTT included), not 3 as wikipedia stated
-He basically says Kanye is Dr.Dre nowadays in how he produces. That he takes things that the large groups of collaborators will come up with ,decide on something he like and then add things too it, “sort through it” he says.
-Says Daz n Kurupt used to live at his house when they were “hiding from Suge Knight”
-Talks about working on a song with Brad Paisley about shooting guns, that got scrapped because of the recent shootings, he may leak the record. I mention this just because the way Dean tells this story is amazing, really you should watch this interview.
-His DJ name is M.W.A. (Mexican Wrestling Association)
Seriously this guy is amazing, he needs his own show.

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