Jay-Z New Album July 4th Magna Carta Holy Grail featuring Drake, Justin Timberlake, Raekwon, Nas *

Post Last Updated 6/18 7:22 east (further analysis, production breakdown)

*speculative deduction

coolest commercial ever ?

So Jay-Z just unveiled his new album via halftime of NBA Finals Game 5 apparently titled Magna Carta Holy Grail due out July 4th for 1 million free owners of certain Samsung devices who download the Magna Carta Holy Grail app, 72 hrs before it is released officially.

The commercial was pretty tremendous showing what seemed to be Jay-Z, Pharell,Timbaland,Swizz Beats, and the consigliere Rick Rubin organically creating the album. Not sure if the instrumentals heard on the commercial will be on the album but they sounded pretttyy tight.  Kanye West will most likely have some part in the album seeing as Kanye is actually in the commercial!  Go to 1:40 in, you can very clearly hear Jay-Z say “Hey uh YE you wanna tweak that?” and then refers to a part of the beat.  We’ll revisit that

Very interesting move considering the timing with Jay-Z ‘s long time collaborator and friend Kanye West dropping his album Yeezus, as well as Roc Nations main Act J.Cole releasing his sophomore album Born Sinner on Tuesday.

So what can we expect from this album ?
Well besides what’s made clear in the commercial, the producers shown most likely have songs they produced/co produced (I’m guessing many songs will be co-prods) on the album.  Track by track analysis from the commercial is below
J.Cole, who you can’t help but feel like is directly and possibly not so nicely affected by the announcement recently put out a clip that featured him playing a beat he had produced, that he went on to say was for Jay and he would hopefully use it. It was especially hot and featured a sample from the play “Newsies” that had a strong part about Brooklyn, Jay’s hometown.
The Dreamin a recent interview said he had done work with Jay that pre dates Watch The Throne which Jay did with Kanye West and that he is confident it will be on Jay-Z’s next album.  It’s unclear what role he played on the song. Seeing how close these two seem as of late with Dream being one of Beyonces biggest contributors (he produced her massive hit sngle ladies) as well as Dream’s first single off his new4Play album features Jay-Z.

Many will wonder what possible guest features Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail will have. As of now Drake, Justin Timberlake, Nas, and Raekwon seem highley likely. In the past month or so pictures of Jay-Z in what seems to be a studio or office with Drake have hit the web a separate one with Raekwon , and most recently one of Nas, Timbaland and Justin Timberlake have come out via Jay’s unofficial photographer,producer and long time Rocafella staple Lenny S (Kodaklens on IG) . Cross referencing these photos with the ” most well lit studio ever” from last nights commercial it looks like they are one in the same one. Consider the emphasis in the commercial of showing this album as something that happened over a short period and fast paced time. One would think that adding up this circumstantial evidence is enough to assume these great artist made the cut.

The Tracks played in the commercial are actually somewhat obvious as to who produced what if you pay attention to details

  1. Timbaland
  2. Kanye or Swizz, maybe both, although you see him refer to Kanye you later see Swizz in the same beat portion, also no other tracks seems to be Swizz, however one would think “Open Letter” which was Co-produced by Swizz and Tim will make the album.
  3. Timbaland, this seems to be the “i just want a picasso” song seemingly about being able to own superficial things and it not being all it’s cracked up to be
  4. Rick Rubin? sound very heavy, 99 problems and Rick Rubin actual BEAT MAKING esque, opposed to sitting on couches and sounding deep aka producing for him
  5. Pharell(neptunes?), easily the most obvious beat, they tell you its them, and I mean no one else sounds like Pharell real

Wow this gives a whole new look to his summer concert tour . Especially when you consider the potential new work with Timberland and Justin Timberlake and the fact that Jay-Z will most likely do a lot of new material.



Btw how phony does the last pic seem.

Anyway. My guess is there’s a single that drops TONIGHT (6/17) . oops

If and when it drops well have it here for your listening pleasure. Seeing as how close the album is from launching might be tempted not to listen and just wait for the whole thing.

What do you think. Any chance Jay-Z announcement hurts his Tuesdays album droppers momentum ?


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3 responses to “Jay-Z New Album July 4th Magna Carta Holy Grail featuring Drake, Justin Timberlake, Raekwon, Nas *

  1. ccrane03

    i would hope j. cole is on it too. not just a producer.

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