Kanye West American Psycho real clip, Debuts new Projections in NYC, has baby . More screenings tonight in NYC and other regions

If you go to KanyeWest.com theres an HD version, watch it there.

You can actually buy the album it seems since around 10:30 pm , ahead of itunes i think.


9:42 played new slaves video. then The new clip this time with sound. that’s it, disappointing considering it said 9:30-10:30.  I would guess other shows are the new American Psycho Kanye West Scott Disik Clip and then that leads into Kanye – New Slaves

saw the American disik film , no sound though tech difficulties.

9:16 just got here. only like 10 people so far. should be interesting seeing how many end up walking In off the street. This is pretty secluded for a “public viewing ” in NYC all things considered its on the outskirts of 11th ave and 46 street.

Kanye debuted new projections last night in LA, this one starring Scott Disik, Kim Kardashian’s brother in law as well as Kim’s close friend Jonathan Cheban. I had assumed these projections would be the same ones from the album listening on Monday and I believe they were plus this new addition. Havent watched the clip because im hoping to see it live tonight, but it sounds pretty provocative taking a very iconic movie and scene specifically (the Huey Lewis scene with Jared Leto) and filling it with his girlfriend’s reality star friends on the eve of her having his first child, only Mr. West.


Later that evening Kanye and Kim welcomed into the world a baby girl, congratulations. Now if only she had made it to June 18th

I plan on attending a projection at the prada building tonight (51 and 11th) and will post pictures, video and a live account of whats happening.

To see where the projections are tonight across the US and the rest of the globe go to





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3 responses to “Kanye West American Psycho real clip, Debuts new Projections in NYC, has baby . More screenings tonight in NYC and other regions

  1. Angry Dude

    Kanye screwed over Long Island.. Drive 2 hours to East Hampton 11:30 showing, Nothing.. Only 2 other cars waiting. Drove to Montauk. Nothing.. Wasted 6 hours of my life and lots of gas. F you Kanye.

    • yea I can’t personally complain too much bc I live close to the one I went to but I was thinking even having seen it it was a bit disappointing he only played the video and new slaves. Should of done a listening session too , I mean the projection page said and hr so you’d think it’d be more. I doubt it’s his fault the van with a projector n speakers (that’s all it is) not showing up isn’t directly Kanye’s fault! I mean who else remotely even comes close to doing this kind of thing for fans.

      • Angry Dude

        We all know it’s not directly Kanye’s fault (duh) but if my name was associated with an event like this, I would be pretty ticked off at my people in charge if it just “didn’t happen”, and fans were left standing around wondering of they were in the right place. I was really surprised at the 3 car turnout too.

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