Kanye Listening Party for Yeezus open to Public

Im a fan of kanye first and foremorst, so if Kanye or anyone assocaited wants any of this info/contet taken down please let me know SJS05k@gmail.com

So had just left the album release party for Prodigy and Alchemist “Albert Einstein” which drops tommorow (6/11) and from what ive heard of it , ITS BANGING, seriously production and rhyme wise both guys are on there game heavy. Anyway I’m walking by the apple store and I hear a place BUMPING “new slaves” and im thinking to myself “how does anyone have this to bump, so i start heading over toward the sound. I get close and see its a projection, simmilar to what he did the night before SNL, except this time its imagery simmialr to what he had on SNL and last night at GOV ball in the backdrop, and not his face like it was when originally projected. So i stood there for like 20 seconds recording the projection and finally realize , holy shit theres a whole thing going on to my right

Yeezus list 1

So basically there was a guarded area that led to the “inside” are where there was projectors , open bar and famous people (ALOTTT of them ).

Right after New Slaves was this soulfull part that I beleive he had also played at the end of New Slaves when he had done the OG projections, I think its part of the song itself, either way its

soulfull as hell. So as this is playing, it dawns on me, IS HE ABOUT TO PLAY THE WHOLE ALBUM?

So sure enough the next song is something I hadnt yet heard yet, and between the internet and GOV Ball last night (good 2 days right lol) I had heard a decent amonunt. So for the next 20-30 minutes he played the remaineder of the album. I think he brought one song back, I beleive it was the most MONSTOROUS song and the standout I guess to me.

Here is a song he later confirmed features Chief Keef and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver
When it concluded Ye himself spoke, previous to this I had no idea he was there. He mentioned that it’s 10 songs, and that he orig wanted only 9, I took this to mean this was in fact the whole album , and that it was indeed 10 tracks. Call me a liar but I had a weird feeling this would in fact be the case with him putting out a conscience but robust album.

He mentioned he would play the album again and ecourage people to stay if they wanted. At this point alot of people left, Beyonce and Jay walked within a foot of me in a more lowkey fashion then I would of expected. Saw Timbaland, Tyson Chandler, Bust Rhymes, my personal Idol Peter Rosenberg, later on Aziz, needles too say some people of importance to those who care about people of importance, wanted to be here.

IMG_0252 IMG_0254

So at this point the album played over again and I was over the OMG im at the kanye listening stage and into my full on , how is this album stage. This is the tentative order of songs as he played them, Im gonna give you my thought process bc frankly im confused. I thought it went like this

1 Black Skinhead

2 I am a god

3 New Slaves including sample interlude thing

4 Cant Hold My Liquor – Justin Veyron n chief keef song i (” depachk Chopra”)

5 another song

6 Hudson Mohawke TNGHT sounding beat. Nina Simone Strange Fruit sample (which btw i thought he had already used on Cassidys- celebrate but that was actually Devo Springstein, i think it was improperlly credited to Mr. West orig) , the beat sounds like and Kanye raps “fuck them other Ni$%as”

7 Softish song “chewbacca” line, probably least fav song

8 Set this bitch up it can go down alarm. song, I beleive features Travis Scott

9 Falling in love – very soulfull, most straightforward song probaby
10 bounty killa sounding (maybe GOOD Musics D’banje) feature very hyphy edm sounding

So the part im confused about is where On Site fits in, I THINK its either the first or last song, and most likely the last two songs are 1, or maybe 4-5-6 blend in some kind of way. T he confusion of where On Site lies is bc he played it after the second time along with Black Skinhead and New Slaves before “cold” and other joints were mixed in. At one point I thought maybe he scrapped it all together considering some of the talk that was coming out today about that song and its mixed reviews .

Somewhere during the second playing of the album Kanye stopped the music to give a bit fo a speech. He also had a bit of a sing along, hyped uped “wuhh whatt” kind of segment. His speech seemed extremely heartfelt and unpretentious (in fact i think Kanye has come across as extremely HUMAN in the last few months which is something I think he so craves and tries to put forth always and is constantly misunderstood), he took a lot of time to thank people who had a contributed alot to the album such as other artists and producers, included and highlighted in this speech was rumored last minute Mr. Fix it, Rick Rubin. Bear in mind this is not the entire speech.

on the album title “West was my Slave name Yeezus is my God name ”

“Daft Punk working on like 3 or 4 tracks on the album”
“When we released “number on the board” … I thought what would Rick Rubin do”

“It’s good for me to go to God…. Err rick rubin, to ask sometimes..”

Ill come back tomorrow with a more thorough review but my overall impression is Kanye is obviously and definitely one of a kind, the album is a very solid progression with him building on and almost re using some of the things he has done in the past musically.


6/12. So I’m tempted to do a full review of the album. Not track by track but overall. But the music lover/ kanye stan in me thinks I may be doing myself and the world a disservice in doing so. I mean between videos and like 20 min of audio recordings I think I have the whole album. But if anyone’s going To put out a different product at the last minute it’d be Dondas Baby Boy.

So do you guys want that review? Hit up in the comments or tweet me
@sjeezs on twitter.

Also stay tuned for a piece on June 18th darkhorse contender Mac Miller’s Watching Movies With The Sound Off
and the statement he’s about to make by putting out ARGUABLY THE STRONGEST IMPROVEMENT FROM ALBUM 1 to 2 in HIP HOP HISTORY. god I love backupable hyperbole

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