Kanye @ Governors Ball 2013 New songs off Yeezus

Kanye Light

Kanye murdereredddd. did like 6 new songs

Opened with Black Skinheads

Went into New Slaves, with outro/secondary song simmilar to when his video played on Walls

after that I beleive he went into Mercy and Cold

This is most likely On Site, possibly the other Daft Punk co produced/written song, (Black Skinhead being the other).  It seems this is one of the other songs along with new slaves that Hudson Mohawke played during a recent DJ set , I had heard about that, but not that it was so long ago (even before the projections and SNL performances)

This is “I am a god ” with an intro, he had a Jet Aviation theme all night, and at one point looked like Otomo’s Akira

and he  played a snippet of a song with a screwed up sounding sample? “in this bitch up, it can go down”, and then sounded like when the alarm goes off in lost, again very house EDMy

Few tidbits

Black Skinhead which he did to start and end show had new lyrics

May have been a guy with a sign that said ” i hit it first”

After I am a God he transitioned into Jesus Walks, nice touch

Here Kanye took a few minutes out to give us some much  needed  insight into his new album Yeezus.  My favorite part is that right before this was taken he goes ” you know this is the part where I would say some crazy shit” this guy gets so much flack about being a lunatic but hes so calculated with his moves. “honestly I at this point I could give a fuck about selling a million records , as long as I give yall an album you can rock with all summer” suuuuuureeee YE, not like you just subconsciously put the idea of you selling a mill first week in out head or anything..

much more to follow

Unfortunately I was mistaken about Kanye’s line about Derrick Rose on “I Dont Like” he did alter the words but they were much more encouraging than I had initially thought.  He says “Shout out to Derrick Rose, HOPE that ni**as AIGHT”. *Thanks to Cap’N Crunch for the correction


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