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Drake with Dyslexia

Had a convo on fb chat with a friend who after being my roommate for 3 yrs is now is on the level hip hop wise and has an interesting perspective bc of his thoroughness on other types of music.  He also has a tendency to be very concise with his words which I think is perfect for a fake egomaniac like myself, makes for a seemingly lob sided but i think that much more readable banter.  
Fake table of  contents – General talk of Childish Gambino, and impromptu and very disorganized review of his Culdesac album
C: btw childish gambino is tiight
ME: what did u peep
C: listened to camp and culdesac
ME: culdesac?
is that before camp
i know of freaks and geeks befoe camp
wow i had no idea he had these other albums, i imagine their garbage doe
C: culdesac is good
might be as good as camp
also dled mixtape royalty. havent listened yet
Me:camp is not good imo
camp has some really good songs
but overall is kinda weak, he really became a rapper on royalty 
like before royalty he was a guy who rapped taht was famous for being a comedian i think like now hes officially a rapper lol
o n i had it mixed up freak and geeks was a song that as big for him , i think i was confusing that with EP
yea so i think thats the first thing that like made a dent on the music scene was EP
but ur saying culdesac is good huh, thats interesting
C: yeah check it
he sounds like wayne in a lot of songs. his voice and flow
Me: damn i like the first song on culdesace ALOT [Difference]
yea i mean he sounds alot like someone trying to be a rapper
u know what i mean sorta?
“drake with dyslexia, i have gone so far”
C: haha good line
yeah hes so nerdy. maybe his voice sounds more like big sean
Me: i feel like hes the ringleader of a genre that could easily be very crowded but isnt
like its surprsing to me more people dont do the kind of shit he does
C: yeah just a bunch of smart quick witted guys that realize they could rap
Me: not just the nerdy thing, but just like the everyman rapper, n musically he fucks with everything
C: feel like hed be cool to see live
Me: eh
depends, i feel like he prob doesnt tour enough to be really solid
C: hed be cracking jokes between songs
Me: like i bet he tries real hard but i doubt his show is down pat, im sure hes kinda busy with his other jobs
yea, his standup is so bad dude
C:is it? lol
nvm then
lookin forward to checking out royalty now
Me: man i wonder about his production too
bc supposedly its all him, but i sorta dont buy it for some reason
well not royalty that has other producers
i mean like the campfire beat is a huge song with the commercials and shit, and this fuckin let me dope you beat is CRAZYYY
but its mastered or like engineered kinda shitty, if it was better itd seriously be an incredible beat
wow he has a song that starts out “ooo i wish i had a boyfriend” lol
Edit: seems as if all of Camp was co produced (maybe fully produced) by this guy
its hard to tell with his other stuff, id guess though this guy is a big part of of what hes done/will do (drake and 40 ?)
Anyway, i dont know what this post is, im not sure what they’ll look like going forward, but I think itll be worth checking out, 

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